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Stout Time

It is time for me to brew a stout. I will spend this week formulating the recipe. At it's base, it will be a chololate milk stout. Half of it will remain as the base with the other getting a mix of powdered peanut butter(PB2).

My hopes are to have a general milk stout that people will enjoy and an experimental Reese's cup stout.

As with all experimental batches, it could be wonderful, it could be awful but if I don't experiment, no one will ever know.

Jason Nelms

I am a tinkering geek with a taste for beer. I have been brewing low gravity beer in order to lower my alcohol consumption. PGP FINGERPRINT: 2E6D 22A2 687C 1E92 B60D 04A9 E34C 0452 2DF6 7A96

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