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I tried to brew this past weekend to get this stout out of my system (and back into it eventually!). Unfortunately, the beer gods did not smile upon me. My Local Homebrew shop did not have the hops or the yeast I wanted for this brew and the wife was taking up most of the garage with her cabinet refinishing project.

I started to brew a hop-burst method IPA for my buddies but as of late, they have not been consuming much of my beer. Fermenters and kegs are a precious commodity around my house and as such, I did not want to brew 10 gallons of beer that would hold space in my keezer for too long.

Equipment update: I have a shortened malt pipe on the way from Germany for my Braumeister. This will allow me to brew 5 gallon batches of beer. I spent the money on this as brewing 10 gallon batches is a storage and distribution issue that forces me to not brew as often as I would like and it also limits the weight of the grain that I have to lift out of the kettle.

As a result, I should be able to brew more often which means more practice and hopefully an eventual head nod from the wife that I can open a nano-brewery which is my current big step goal! I have several mini goals before I reach this one but that is for another post.

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I am a tinkering geek with a taste for beer. I have been brewing low gravity beer in order to lower my alcohol consumption. PGP FINGERPRINT: 2E6D 22A2 687C 1E92 B60D 04A9 E34C 0452 2DF6 7A96

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