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Practice Thanksgiving

Just after school gets rolling, we do what we call "Practice Thanksgiving" in my home. We treat it just like a regular Thanksgiving except it is just for our immediate family.

It gives the girls an opportunity to practice cooking and helping in the kitchen as well as spending time with each other. Being 9 years apart in age, this is something they do far too little. It gives the wife a chance to test out a recipe or two for the real deal and it gives me a chance to pair some beers with the meal.

This year, I am going with a more global approach to the pairing. Thanksgiving meal should be front and center. So, I want beers that will not get in the way of the meal, slightly enhancing all of the competing flavors on the table.

My plan is 2 offerings that can really pair up anywhere in the meal from appetizers to dessert. I am going with Schlafly's Bière de Garde as the toastiness will pair up well with the various incarnations of bread and roasted meats and the light body and crisp carbonation will help cut the fatty gravy and suculant bird.

Next, a good English Brown Ale yet to be determined(since Nashville doesn't carry many of my favorite English Brown Ales) and lastly - as a bonus - Angry Orchard's Strawman Farmhouse Cider(unless I can find a better representation of the style before Sunday).

Jason Nelms

I am a tinkering geek with a taste for beer. I have been brewing low gravity beer in order to lower my alcohol consumption. PGP FINGERPRINT: 2E6D 22A2 687C 1E92 B60D 04A9 E34C 0452 2DF6 7A96

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