Oats and Munich

I am trying a different angle at producing an IPA/Mild Hybrid. I am using about 50% light Munich malt, 30% Marris Otter and 10 % Flaked Oats.

I am hoping this makes for a flavorful low grav beer(3.2% ABV) with a nice mouthfeel. I used Wyeast's Thames Valley yeast strain to give it some character and to hold it true to the mild side of the hybrid.

I am currently plugging along at 68-70 f temperature and we have reduced from 1.035 OG to 1.020 in a 24 hour period.

I have to admit that I am a bit worried about this one as I tasted the wort and it is missing the malt flavor punch I got from my other recipe that Annie Johnson helped me with. Hopefully, the dry hopping which will include Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade and Mosaic hops along with blood orange zest and jewels will help lift it up a bit.

I am still very excited about this one and have high hopes.

Jason Nelms

I am a tinkering geek with a taste for beer. I have been brewing low gravity beer in order to lower my alcohol consumption. PGP FINGERPRINT: 2E6D 22A2 687C 1E92 B60D 04A9 E34C 0452 2DF6 7A96

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