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Brewing an IPA as my first of the year

I will be brewing an IPA this weekend. I have the recipe settled on and will be ordering the ingredients from my LHBS tonight.

After it is finished, I will taste, tweak and repeat. I plan on giving it about 5 or 6 straight brews with tweaks until I get it where I want it.

Once I am happy(hoppy) with it, I will move on to a saison then wit before finishing the year off with a Stout.

Jason Nelms

I am a tinkering geek with a taste for beer. I have been brewing low gravity beer in order to lower my alcohol consumption. PGP FINGERPRINT: 2E6D 22A2 687C 1E92 B60D 04A9 E34C 0452 2DF6 7A96

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